Birth Year, Page 5

Playing in the paint

Mom, Alea, and I got carried away with the fingerpainting one day...
Flower at Hawthorne Hollow
I may be a pretty tough guy, but I'm still a sucker for a pretty flower

Grandma and I at the zoo
and Grandma and I playing the xylophone
And speaking of pretty flowers, my grandma is sure a good buddy to hang out with
She plays fun games with me and stimulates my young mind
Alea says, Go ahead and touch it!
Hooray for us!
My sister is also a lot of fun. She introduces me to all sorts of cool stuff, like this crawfish
We were all hanging out with Jennifer at the Apostle Islands this summer
Forget all the singalong songs, this rocks!
I was fascinated by the wooden flute this lady was playing

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