October and November 2005
Halloween etc!!
Breck has been keeping himself busy this year as a first grader. He enjoys making pictures and stories, both on the computer and out of "multimedia." His teacher, Miss Marvel, has encouraged reading and he is taking to it like a fish to water. Of course, that doesn't mean that he's let go of the other good things in life, like Legos!!
For Halloween, he was a huge help in both designing and carving one of the family pumpkins. We actually got pumpkins that were soft enough to carve and have fun doing it! We even ended up making pumpkin muffins from the innards - yum! 
 and he dressed up as a very scary Dracula.

It is a good thing that Halloween happened when it did, because not even a week later, he lost both his front teeth - no more fangs!

He is taking an after-school activity called "little lab coats" that introduces the kids to all sorts of cool science stuff, so the tooth fairy was considerate enough to bring him a microscope/telescope kit! Wow - they never brought that stuff when I was a kid... 

He had a great time on our trip to Croatia as well; he's turning into a great little traveler. We don't have plans set for Christmas yet, but wherever they take us , he is sure to be a cheery addition!

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