January 2005
Birthday Boy!!
Breck's 6th birthday (observed 2 days after the real thing) dawned with Belgrade's first real snow of the season. At breakfast, he got all the 'family' gifts since Alea was going to spend the night at a friend's house. He was pretty darn excited about the Lego hockey guy, the plastic sword and the Robin Hood video (in English, even, so he can understand what they're saying!!)

After school he had a party for friends in his class, and the first half hour was spent convincing us that boys will be boys (above) and girls will be girls (right)!

Breck's teacher, Miss Marvel, showed up as well. She hung out with Elmo for a while and played with the kids as they held the guinea pig. Before too long, however, the craziness of kindergarten kicked in, and we were treated to some wild hair dancing and awesome breakdance moves.

Breck's friends got to check out some (fairly recent) pictures of him, deposit their gift bags, and salivate over the cake - complete with Star Wars spaceships on it!

Susan, being the awesome early childhood educator that she is, had all sorts of activities planned for the kids. The first game was musical chairs, and as it turned out, Breck won! Whoo hooo!

They had other fun things to do, including a sorting race, a balloon race, and a limbo game

But when the cake and pizza came out, all eyes were on it (I love the look of that kid next to Breck!!)

Of course, what is a birthday party without gifts, and Breck certainly got his share.
He actually got 2 U-dig-em dinosaur bone kits - a plastic skeleton is encased on plaster, and you get to be the paleantologist.

We went to work the next day digging the bones out and putting the skeletons together

But the most exciting thing happened while we were working on the dinosaurs - Breck lost his first tooth!! He was so proud! The tooth fairy did visit him and left him 100 dinars, so that made him even more ecstatic.

One person who wasn't jumping up and down too much was his sister. In gym class on Friday (the day of his party), she dislocated her elbow! Apparently no big damage, but she has a soft cast to wear for a week (and she misses out on some of the best sledding snow we've ever seen!)

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