December 2005
Christmas Show

Breck's Christmas show was something else! We didn't know what was in store, only that he was doing "a dance with Lindsey." So when the whole family showed up for the evening production, our expectations were vaguely defined as to what the evening would bring, and boy - were we ever NOT disappointed!!!

The first thing that we noticed about Breck's show was that Alea actually was in it too! She was invited to sing and dance as part of a few special groups that she's in, so this started out as a double feature. 
Then Breck strolled on stage and started playing a kazoo with his class! How cool was that?? He later wandered out with a cowboy hat, threw the audience a grin, and proceeded to do some square dancing with Lindsey. 

Wow - what a neat show we all thought. 

But wait - there's more...