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Sveti Naum

Heading out of Ohrid, I decided to take the long, southern route around the lake rather than heading straight north into Montenegro. This took me to the monastery of Sveti Naum, right on the border of Macedonia and Albania.
 There has been a monastery established on this site since around the year 900, but the guard there regretfully kept apologizing for the relative newness of the current building. There is something quite unsettling to hear, over and over again, that the frescos inside this building are 'only' 200 years old.
The beautiful setting was completely deserted except for the rustling around of some peacocks, so I had the chance to examine the grounds without any interruption. As the breeze fluttered off the lake and the clouds swept across the snow capped mountains towering in the distance, I felt completely relaxed and at ease. I'm sure that is one of the points of an isolated place of worship!
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