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Easter Eggs

Our family celebrated Easter on March 27th, though Orthodox Serbs celebrate on May 1.  We had our own Spring tree decorated with all the festive eggs we got in Hungary last year when Grandma was visiting us!
Breck and Alea decorate our eggs and comment on the difference between coloring white eggs in the USA and brown eggs in Serbia.

The big hunt is on!!


At the school...

The ISB PTA sponsored a traditional egg hunt on the school grounds.  Alea had a ball racing around with all her friends scoping out chocolates.
At the end of the hunt, each child was awarded a delicious chocolate bunny.  Dave especially enjoys this photo of western Christian Easter festivities in Orthodox Serbia with a Muslim woman in the background - truly an international school:)


Suffice to say we had a bit of an upset tummy on the downswing:(
Breck ate all four of his chocolate eggs and his solid chocolate bunny and half of mom's diet coke...

No Spring Festival would be complete without a Parade of Bonnets...

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