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Halloween 2007

The first step to getting ready for any Halloween is to track down the local suppliers of pumpkins and get them ready for the big day. Alea and Breck found a little green pumpkin and knew exactly what they were going to do with it.

After scooping out the (slimier than usual) seeds, they carved out some ears and had themselves a jack-'o-Yoda all ready to go!!

When the big night came around, we were all ready for action - Mom as a pirate, Alea as a spider witch lady, Breck as a ghost, and Dad as a Jedi (or, as the kids put it, a "good General Grievous").
There was a whole huge contingent of kids from the school who came to the apartment for trick or treating (this picture is just of the first wave - there were many others who joined us later.Can you find Alea and Breck?), and so we had a lot of fun hanging out with them and their parents. Our lanterns were lit and scary music resonated from our apartment.

Of coure, by this time Yoda was looking a little worse for wear, but it was still a great evening!

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