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Christmas 2007

Breck on the bus

December 22nd - 

Christmas "Eve" was a few days early, as we planned on leaving for our Golden Triangle trip to Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur on December 24th itself. We spent the day getting ready - mom went shopping, dad got a hair cut, and the kids played in the pool on the roof.
We usually don't associate being outside in the water during the holiday season, but hey - this is India! Our tree, the same loyal one that we got in Serbia has been up for a while and is looking extremely festive this year. Hopefully that pile of presents will fill in somewhat tonight as the big man makes his stop!!

To help Santa with his decisions to leave lots of good stuff, the kids wrote him a note and set up some snacks - including a (half-finished) beer. Wonder if that'll convince him!!

December 23 - The BIG Day

And oh boy, did Santa ever come through!
Breck got a ton of Star Wars set ups and a bunch of Legos,
Alea got her rock tumbler and a pottery set...

Everyone got board games,
Mom got her baskets, dad got his Cubbies hat,
And it was a day enjoyed by all, except when we tried to go out to lunch, and - after walking through the heat and putting up with the dog crap, air pollution, and garbage in the street - discovered that our one local cafe was completely full. And oh yeah, when our driver quit.
But, on a completely different note (ha ha ha), we did get invited to an open house tonight that included a quick set by a sitar player and drummer. Our first in India (or anywhere for that matter)...

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