Welcome Parents!

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This webpage has been designed to help parents keep in touch with me, their children, and events in our class. 

As ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky advised, "Don't skate to where the puck is. Skate to where it's going." We as concerned adults (and especially I as an educator) must do all that is possible to prepare our charges for their lives after high school. 

The interconnectivity of the 21st century will dramatically affect how our students' lives are shaped. This web site is a window on my efforts to fully incorporate technology into the classroom environment.

Getting Started

The easiest way to navigate is by using the toolbar at the top. If you ever get lost, click on this Mr. Stutz's School Site logo to get to the main page.

Please feel free to peruse any and all of these pages to find out a bit more about the classes, his/her school, or to use as a jumping off point into the web. Please let me know if there are any changes you feel I should make or any concerns that you have.

Your continued involvement is vital to sustaining an atomosphere of respect and learning. Join us as we explore the world.

Thanks for taking an interest in our classes and for taking such an active role in the education of your child.. Stop back in anytime to see what's going on or just to use the pages.
Mr. Stutz