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Up and down weekend

Talk about swings all weekend long. I got an email on Friday that my high school girlfriend is dying of breast cancer -  down to weeks to live – so that really got my day off to a rough start. Besides all the old memories that were opened up by that news, there comes the (expected) reflection on my own mortality. I’ve known people who’ve died, and another high school friend passed away just last year, but this hits really close to home. This is someone who I was close to, is younger than I, and is going to be gone. I’ve known that this will happen to all of us, but it seems such a waste at such a young age.

If you know who I’m talking about, please contact me for more info and how to get in touch with her family. I’m not going to post any other personal detail here, for understandable reasons.

In my advisory class (kind of like a homeroom) at school, we are reading “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” and we read the chapter called “Hide and Seek” on Friday. It is about how people tend to sometimes keep things inside when they should “get found” and share their troubles and feelings with people. It fit pretty well with my Friday, and I’ve struggled all weekend long to put my emotions in order.

But to add a twist to all this darkness crashing around, the weekend itself was beautiful. We had no big plans other than to go to the school for Breck’s soccer. We went, he had a great time and scored a goal, we all went swimming afterwards, had pizza, watched a movie as a family: it was just a super day. Sunday was as great – perfect weather, barbecue up on the roof, everything fantastic.

Up and down. How life can throw you from one minute to the next. Phew.

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