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ASB’s “Sail Away” Gala

Dave and Susan getting ready for the gala (picture by Alea)The highlight of the school’s social calendar is a huge gala dinner, dance, and PTA fundraising party. This year it was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel, and gave Dave and Susan a chance to dress up and spend a night out.

Of course, there were those who were far better dressed than Dave – tuxedos were not a rare sight at all (although the elementary school principal did look pretty resplendent in a maroon paisley patterned smoking jacket) – but none that looked better than Susan. The women came in a mix of formal gowns, slinky feathered slit-up-to-here dresses, and fancy silk and gold saris. All in all, a pretty high tone affair.

The dinner was fantastic – it was great to have meat meat meat after all India’s vegetarian fare: the lamb chops were by far Dave’s favorite, while Susan grooved on the schwarma. Some of the teachers and mothers had practiced a Bollywood dance routine that they showed off on the dance floor that was a definite highlight as well. While we didn’t score any of the the raffle picks or door prizes, we did win a silent auction for a silver necklace that Susan really liked, so now she has some new jewelry.

After whirling and twirling our way around the floor, we caught a rickshaw home – real classy, huh, in our formal outfits?! After we woke up and got the babysitter down to her home, we actually kicked back in the livingroom with a beer; it has been a long time since we’ve done that at 2:00 in the morning!

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