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Morning bathroom breakSo in a country where the majority of people don’t have running water, most of them are used to squatting in an open field and ‘wiping’ with water. If they do have access to a toilet, it is usually a “Squatty” with two foot places and a hole in the middle with a bucket of water for playing Captain Kirk. Not too big a deal, but it took me a while to figure out why we kept seeing people walking around in the morning with water bottles in their hands.

Anyways, the problem comes when they use a “Sitty” toilet. By habit, they pass up using toilet paper and grab for the hose and a bucket or something of the sort that is usually next to the toilet. The problem is, since they usually don’t have a big porcelain bowl in the way, they are not very accurate in keeping water off the seat, wall, and floor when they spray. So whenever we use a toilet (say, in a school) that less-well-off people (say, custodians) use, we always have to contend with water everywhere. Said water is a pain – getting on clothes that are in contact with the ground – and often an unpleasant surprise – as the ‘ring’ is often damp. And because the rest of the bathroom setup is so fancy, it sometimes slips our minds to check before sitting, resulting in a wet bum and a stream of curses (I guess that’s why it is called “potty mouth”).

Anyways, another aspect of life in India!

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