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Carry on bags in India

Cabin baggage…must all have name tags on them. We’ve found this out as we’ve traveled around the country, and it is kind of a fun little routine for us. When you check in, you have to fill out a name tag and put it on your bag. Then when you go through security (which involves a metal detector and a pat-down search – all done in a separate line and behind a curtained divider for the women), the guard stamps your tag. When you leave the waiting room for the bus to take you to the airplane stairs (jetways are unknown here), another guard checks to make sure you have a stamp. If not, back to security for you!

We actually had a fuss made over us the other day when Breck’s legos went through the x-ray machine. The guards seemed pretty concerned about them and inspected the whole pack pretty carefully. Susan is convinced that they just wanted to stop and play with them! This may not be too far from the truth, as the legos are certainly an attention-getter wherever we go.

In any case, the Festival of Nations page is now updated

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