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There’s no place like home

Ahh, to be back from vacation. I headed out today for a quick ATM run, and my 5-minute journey reminded me of some of the sights, smells, and sounds we’d missed out on for the past 3 weeks.

Walking out of the building, the odor of thousands of drying fish from the nearby fishing village hit me like a brick. I had just about adjusted to it when I rounded the first corner, and collided with the ‘monkey man.’ He walks up and down the streets with a drum in one hand and a monkey tethered to the other, hoping to have the monkey perform for people in return for a few rupees.

Taking leave of them, I stepped around a dead fish (dropped by a bird stealing it from the drying rack), avoided a dead rat, hopped over a pile of poop, detoured around many red puddles of betel nut spit, walked next to dripping chicken parts being offloaded from the trunk of a taxi, and passed a 4- or 5-year old boy in a darling outfit: a bright green t-shirt that read “At least you’re staring at my shirt and not my ENORMOUS ERECTION.”

My ATM was out of order, so I headed back home, past the broom salesmen plying his trade, the crows pecking at rotten bags of curry, a shopkeeper emptying an enormous pot of something or other into the street, 2 cats fighting, and the incense wafting in front of the neighborhood shrine to Sai Baba/Willie Nelson.

Entering the apartment gates, I had to duck to avoid the overflow of water from the storage tanks cascading from the rooftop, and since the elevator was out I had to walk up 7 flights of stairs. Ahh.

When’s our next vacation?

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