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Free verse Friday: Window view haiku

PigeonOur resident pigeons have been trying to incubate eggs outside our living room window. The first nest and eggs were swept up by our cleaning lady (and the eggs sent home with her son). She said baby birds make a lot of noise and stink, and didn’t know we were interested in watching them hatch and grow up.

The bird mother came right back (at least, I think it is the same one) and rebuilt a mini-nest. She’s been sitting on these eggs for about 2 weeks now. As the gestation time of pigeons is supposed to be around 3 weeks, we should be getting close. I worry about what will happen once the little ones come out, as there are tons of black crows all around who feast on garbage and anything else they can get ahold of, including pigeons.

In any case, we are happy that they are with us now and providing inspiration for this week’s poem, a haiku:

Pigeon window nest
Spring eggs hide near air con box
Bombay life

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