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March 14 – Pi(geon baby) day

Pigeon BabyMy note yesterday about no pigeon babies yet was quickly outdated, as Alea saw our first hatched chick just a few minutes after I’d posted the entry. We saw a furry yellow thing moving under the mom, and realized that there was another living creature in the ‘nest.’

We watched for quite a while from the couch as the little one twisted and turned under the mom, but we weren’t sure just what was going on until I pulled out the camera and the big bird got nervous. She hopped off and hid under the air conditioning unit, giving us a view of the chick and his/her sister/brother (although, as of this writing, the other egg is unhatched, so I’m not too convinced this one won’t be an only child).

Breck was pretty excited to notice the bird this morning, and we’ve had a steady stream of kids from the other apartments stopping by to look. We are spending a quiet Sunday at home today – recovering from the excesses of the school gala last night – so having the new neighbors right outside adds a bit of  action into our schedule. Between the pool this afternoon and a rooftop barbecue tonight (since the kids got pizza last night), we are pretty well set for the day!

(and the ncaa brackets get announced tonight, so tomorrow I’ll get to fill in my tournament picks. Sweet!)

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