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Dry Day revisited

Because of the elections going on right now, dry days have been declared for the entire country all week long. Luckily we read a newspaper article about the upcoming ‘dry week’ and were prepared.

In case you are looking for a dry day calendar for 2009, I received the following from a colleague. The first thing I noticed is that it totally misses the April 28 through 30 period, so I take no responsibility for any mistakes it might contain, but at least it is something to start with!!

Dry days calendar 2009

  • Jan 1, 26, 30
  • Mar 1, 22
  • May 1
  • July 1, 14
  • Aug 1, 15
  • Sept 1, 3, 14
  • Oct 1, 2, 8
  • Nov 1, 9
  • Dec 1, 25

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