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Slacking off

There haven’t been too many posts this week due to a new distraction in my life. For better or for worse, however, there is a long backstory that you’ll have to wade through to get to the good stuff!

Electronics in India are a hot or miss affair. Some things are very reasonably priced and of good quality, others are horrendously expensive and/or are shady knock offs. When I’ve wanted to get something expensive, I’ve usually tried to get it from the US – still showing my regional bias, I suppose.

Susan wanted to find some specific pictures from when we were in Belgrade, and the fuss and hoopla that took place in trying to find them in our stack of picture dvds was out of control. As I surveyed the wreck that our living room had become in the quest to find a few silly images, I decided that I needed a new external hard drive on which to store all our media!

One of our colleagues was planning to go to the US for a conference, so I cleared it with her and ordered a one terabyte drive from Amazon to be delivered to another colleague’s apartment (where she would be staying). That is a thousand gigs! Crazy – how am I ever going to use that all (of course, I remember saying the same thing when we bought our first computer with an enormous one-gigabyte hard drive!)?!

As I sat in front of the computer ordering, I figured ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ and ordered a portable mp3/video player as well. Well, I must’ve missed the email that said it was being sent under separate cover – because when our friend got back, she only had the hard drive, but did say that “a really small and light box from Amazon was at the apartment as well.” Guess I’ll have to figure out a way to get it this summer!

But the hard drive is here, and so I’ve spent much of the past week transferring music and pictures over to it. There are still some doubles to weed out and some ‘floaters’ lost on individual disks around the house to put on, but all in all it feels good to have everything in one place. Of course, I spent an hour last night looking through old scans and pictures I haven’t seen in years, and got nothing done on the Egypt pages…

And that’s why there haven’t been any blog entries this week. But I promise, there is a good one tomorrow!

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