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Free verse Friday – Math awards poem

We had our subject area awards ceremony this week, and I presented the math department awards. While the entire event started off with a very somber intonation in praise of the importance of academics, I just couldn’t keep everything in that serious a mode.

My speech was well received, getting some good chuckles and even a round of applause from the parents. I’ve had a few students, parents, and even the superintendent ask for a copy of the speech. Math dork that I am, I have transcribed it into a poem. Not a perfect rhymer, but close enough to the spirit for the last full Friday of the school year:

Good afternoon. To more fully explain the thoughts going into the choice of students, I’ll have to rely on using some difficult mathematical terms, if you all can bear with me.

While math award choices were tougher than pi
The teachers’ opinions had no great divide.

With no subtraction at all from achievements of others,
the absolute value of the winners discovered:

  • Constants in class – high above the mean grade
  • Factors in positive growth every day
  • Multiplied the learning of large fractions of others
  • And square rooted in math fundamentals we covered.

Many variables were considered, but the greatest common factor
of the recognized students is really quite rational:
the integral role that hard work has played
in beating the curve, and getting good grades.

(and if interested, the actual speech given is here.)

(and if interested, my take on this same award last year is in this post)

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