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Wildlife update – and the current score is…

Frog from Breck's "habitat"Dad 2.5, Rats 0.

The kids came home from school today and found a dead rat – with the sticky trap still affixed – out on the front lawn. While communication difficulties prevented them from getting a final answer from our maid and gardener as to whether they killed the rat or it had died on its own, I’m guessing they had something to do with the rodential expiration and thus am only taking an assist on this one.

The kitty hunt continues, with two neighborhood candidates being spotted the other evening. This weekend will be the “kitty litter and potty pan” shopping trip, and then we’ll try to entice them out with yummy treats. Wish us luck.

I suppose that if we don’t get any cats, Breck’s frog-hunting expeditions will take care of us. He made a “habitat” on the back porch out of the old TV box, and caught some local residents (pictured) for it. We’ll have to see how everything settles down as we spend the last evening before the last day of summer vacation…

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