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Greasy food party!

I regret not getting this posted sooner – it was such a fun time. We had a professional development day 2 weeks ago at school, and Susan wanted to hold a little happy hour at our place afterwards. She invited all the people who work at her campus, Dave invited all the people who work in the same building as he does, and the plans were set.

As happy hours go, it was pretty low key – drinks and snacks (yes, the hookah did make an appearance – of course – but it was not on the “schedule” of events). The really fun twist that we threw in was hiring a local street food vendor to come and serve up some of Indonesia’s famous fried munchies. He wheeled his cart right inside our yard and fried up tofu, tempe, sweet potato, and a tofu/vegetable ball mix.

Besides being a unique treat for our party-goers (I can’t believe no one had done this yet!), there was a double special bonus that I hadn’t even considered. As I am not now, have never been, and plan on never being a vegetarian, apparently this collection of veg food provided them a unique chance to really chow down at a party. So that’s an extra gold star we’ve earned in their books as well. Yay for us!

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