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Walking on Water

Our weekends are fun. And sunny. And usually low key. Lovely to be able to say that in the middle of February!!

So the kids came up with a new game last weekend. They figured that since so many of their cousins were skating and skiing and having so much fun on frozen water, they would try to see what they could do on top of liquid water. And this is what they came up with.

  1. Take 3 plastic box tote tops, arrange in a straight line in the pool.
  2. Set up mom or dad with the camera set in “sports” mode.
  3. See how many tops they could run across before sinking into the water.
  4. Laugh, give each other grief.
  5. Repeat.

That’s all. Nothing super special. Just a fun game. At least until the tops cracked and Alea cut her heel.

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