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Climbing like crazy

Alea and I have had double duty Mondays for a bit: she’s been in an after-school rock climbing club all year, while I’ve had volleyball this last semester. Today I traipsed over after my practice was finished to take a look at the goings-on.

I know that there is talk of a summer climbing adventure with her and Aunt Blanche in Helena, and I’ve heard stories of “5.9 difficulty or the European equivalent,” but I really don’t know what all that means. I do know that she’s been working really hard, and it was fun to watch her in action today.

I showed up right when she was getting ready to start a climb, and got to watch as she zipped right up the side of the wall. She made it to the top (“very smoothly,” according to her instructor) and then was belayed down. I did watch two other of her teammates work up the wall as well, both of them taking much longer and falling off a few times (which she never did).

Then, when she was all done, she asked if I wanted to do it! Now I’d done some rappelling in India, but that’s coming down – not going up. What was I going to say, though, other than “Heck yeah!” I got suited up and ready to go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it was probably the equivalent of the super bunny route, but I made it all the way up without falling!

I probably should bring back the “real camera” to take pictures, but here is what things look like from a camera phone below. Watch out, Montana – Alea’s coming to get you!

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