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Komodo dragons and such

In addition to all the cool diving that we did, we also had the chance to see some pretty extraordinary sights over spring break. This album is all from our “above water” camera, to complement the diving shots posted the other day…

Rainy Season

Here’s the scene on the way home from school yesterday…

Vietnam trip first peek

We’re back from a superb 3 weeks in Vietnam, and wanted to get a few shots posted. We have a JIS photo contest for vacation shots, and I was looking through pictures for it; these are some of the ones that didn’t make the final cut, but are still pretty cool. There are specific categories […]

Car woes

Welcome back to Jakarta. Here’s how I’m spending the first day after vacation: watching a bunch of mechanics try to figure out what is wrong with the car. At least the guy from the Toyota shop makes house calls!


Forget about Christmas – just logged in from seaside Vietnam to find that I’m our fantasy football league champion, baby! #lifepriorities

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Alea and Breck. New tablets for enjoyment during our winter break vacation. Spending the morning downloading apps, uploading books, and getting all the custom settings just right. Off tomorrow for 3 weeks in Vietnam!!

Holiday Greetings for 2013!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Horse! We hope this finds family and friends around the world enjoying peace, health, and joy as we embark on a new year. . Our family continues to live, work, and thrive in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is our third year at Jakarta International School. Dave happily […]

White Elephant excellence

White Elephant party last night – I am now the proud owner of a set of bath salts and body lotions.

Thanksgiving feast

Had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday – what a fantastic evening with a super group of people!

Pool Party

Breck decided to have a few of his friends over, for the (very sound) reason that “we haven’t gotten together for a while.” The evening was full of the delightful sound of video game carnage, Nerf gun shootouts, and Lego construction. They did get out of the house for a little bit, getting into a […]

Clean Up Jakarta

We headed downtown this morning for a session on Clean Up Jakarta day. A great bunch of teachers, administrators, parents, and kids took the time to positively impact our adopted home. We got good and sweaty doing some good for the city!

Bali Break (part 1)

We headed off to a week in the sun on Bali’s east coast. Diving (scuba), driving (scooters), and dining (seafood) were the only things on our agenda. Our hotel was fabulous, and we went under the sea a few times as well. Here are a few shots from around our resort, as well as some […]

Breck and the Boyfriend

No, we don’t have any big announcement to make. Just wrapping up the run of the high school play “The Boyfriend,” for which Breck was specially trained and appointed as one of the key spotlight operators. You can see him in the cast and crew picture below with all his high-tech gear!

Keep calm…

Photo credit to Alea for discovering our new favorite neighborhood street food stall (mie ayam = a very simple yet popular chicken noodle dish)

Band Concert – both kids in HS now!

Alea and Breck perform in their first HS concert together. Breck is in the Concert Band (red batik stripe) and Alea is in the Wind Ensemble (blue batik stripe)

Jakarta Faces

A group of us went downtown this weekend to visit the old Batavia boat docks in Jakarta. Led by a group of guys who have been there a number of times, we had the opportunity to visit and take pictures of places that few Westerners get to visit. I took too many photos to post […]

Pretty pictures from this summer

Took a lot of family-type pictures in Minnesota, Montana, and Wisconsin this summer, but these aren’t them. I needed a few new desktop wallpapers, and these are some of the shots that I thought fit the bill. They had to be in a “landscape” format, so that naturally eliminated a few that I like, but […]

Back in the saddle

School’s back in session, and what better way to get things going than with the kids? Here they are, grades 11 and 9 – both in high school this year!!

the Salmon Slayer!

Here’s a little of what I did on my summer vacation: 20+ pound salmon caught on Lake Michigan! Now for 20+ hours of flight time back to Jakarta…


I think one of the most underrated benefits of being a teacher is the summer. Not because of the time off, although that certainly is fantastic. The truth of the matter is, however, that most teachers actually do work during summers. Maybe they aren’t in paid positions, but they take graduate courses, design curriculum, and […]

Breck and his baby

Breck after the first night with his rent-a-baby, Michael. Welcome to parenthood, buddy!   Straight from the facebook posting here

Sulawesi Wildlife

We spent a few days on the island of Sulawesi (where the yummy market food is) before diving at Bunaken. During that time we hired a car and driver for a few days’ worth of exploration and jungle adventure!

Alea’s Band Award

At her final concert of the year tonight, Alea was presented with the Patrick S. Gimore award “for outstanding contributions to band.” Awesomely cool – we are so proud of all the hard work she puts in!

Diving Bunaken Island Sulawesi

For spring break, the family headed to Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes), one of Indonesia’s largest islands. In addition to eating traditional foods (see the other photo album), we spent a couple of days diving off the smaller island of Bunaken. Armed with a point-and-shoot camera and trusty underwater housing, we took a few pictures […]

Sulawesi Traditional Treats

What could give us a more perfect welcome to Sulawesi than trying some food and drink that are tried and true yummies in the area? We headed off for a day’s trip, and ran into some true gourmet delights!