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Math department dinner

Math department dinner last night – great colleagues, super food, and a late night in the pool! Thanks to all who made it (including our principal party crasher)!


Don't they look so serious?!

Pacu Jawi

I had the chance to attend an Indonesian cow racing mud spectacle this weekend, and had quite the time. Pacu Jawi is a festival marked by, well, basically cow-surfing through flooded rice paddies. The riders typically grip the tails of two cows that are yoked together with wooden slats, and then hang on for dear life as they are stampeded through a flooded rice paddy. Outstanding stuff!!

First day of (Alea’s last year of) school

Alea and Breck start off the school year – for the last time together! She’s a senior and he’s in 10th grade at JIS.

Alea and Breck - 2014

Tetons and Yellowstone

Finally took the whole family to the Tetons and Yellowstone this summer. Here are the traditional signature photos of each park:


Stutz family reunion in Cokeville

After spending a few days at the cabin, getting things ship-shape, I drove down to the Grand Tetons to pick up Susan and the kids. We spent a day in the park, and then motored to Cokeville to stay with sister Karla and her family. Rob, Grandpa Joe, and Yia Yia were all there too, so we made quite the reunion out of things.

We had a loud 4th of July, and just spent some good time hanging out with each other.

Front - Grandpa Joe, Alea, Breck. Back - Yia Yia, Dave, Susan.

Minnesota to Montana

A picture on the hour, every hour, as I head across the US for my yearly trek to our Montana cabin.

Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin

Heading up to Grandma and Grandpa’s lake cabin always gives us a great introduction to the joys of summer!

Last day of school, June 2014

And here they are: Breck and Alea finish off their freshman and junior year!

Breck and Alea bid adieu to grades 9 and 11

Marcia’s farewell

Saying goodbye is never easy, but a get-together with friends makes it that little bit easier. Marcia is off to find her way in the world, and we were glad to send her off in style!

Bye, Marcia, from all your buds at the Groovy Gecko!

Guess what we got to play with in class today!!

Oh boy – watch out!

Racing cars!

End of year/Susan’s birthday

Awesome Threesomes party tonight at the The Stutz Family’s Groovy Gecko Grill – good times despite the crazy times!

The Groovy Gecko is rockin' - don't bother knockin'!

Dragonfly on flower

Had a visitor at home yesterday – thought he’d make a nice desktop wallpaper.

Dragonfly on flower

School trip to the Riau Islands

I got to accompany a group of 8th graders on a week-long trip to explore local communities in Indonesia. We flew up to a series of islands just south of Singapore and spent 5 days learning about the local ways of life, mostly centered around fishing. We hiked, swam, boated, and interacted with kids at a school. All in all, a pretty good way to spend a week in May!

Easter @ the cabin

We hippity-hopped up to JIS’s cabin in the mountains for the 3-day weekend with a group of friends who we’ve done this with for the past 2 years. Despite some early issues (like a 3-hour traffic jam), we made it up and spent a few days eating(!), drinking, and conversing. Good times!

Komodo dragons and such

In addition to all the cool diving that we did, we also had the chance to see some pretty extraordinary sights over spring break. This album is all from our “above water” camera, to complement the diving shots posted the other day…

Manta Rays in action

We took a few snippets of video of our dive to Manta Point. Here’s a 2 minute look at what we saw (with bonus narration!). Susan, Alea, and Breck are all in here (if only fleetingly).


Flores – Spring Break diving

We headed to the Indonesian island of Flores for a week in the sun. One of our “must do in Indonesia” items was to see Komodo dragons in the wild, so that was the impetus for this trip. The first pictures, however, will be from our diving adventures. We left from Labuan Bajo and went under the sea on 3 days (only 2 with a working camera!), and saw some wondrous stuff.

Volleyball Champs!

2 volleyball tournaments this weekend – 1 championship and 1 3rd place. Great job to all the JIS MS girls’ teams members!!

2014 JIS MS Girls Volleyball - Champs!

Unexpected guest

Check out who showed up for dinner at the Groovy Gecko last night? Don’t worry, no escargot was served, and the kids named him “Gustav.” New family pet, I guess.

Gustav in all his glory

Just a typical day at school…

Cool class happening today: gave an assignment that kids had to present to their parents. One of them and his mom got on Skype to show it and get feedback from dad – who’s stationed in Afghanistan. Kind of a neat little thing…

Band Bash!

The combined middle and high school bands put on quite the performance this afternoon!

Breck blaring away Alea's ready to roar!

Mathcounts in Singapore

Mathcounts in Singapore got off to a bit of a rough start, as one of our students was turned away at the airport due to visa issues, then we had a flight cancellation, and finally a broken bus, the team finally made it and was raring to go. Late night studying and quick trips to Subway were all the rage for our kids.

Here’s the team in all their glory after today’s competition. Mathcounts can get rough…

Mathletes at their finest

Happy birthday, Breck!

Birthday flames!

Monsoon madness

Rain day – school closing early. Got the “Monsoon Madness” playlist going as the kids head out the door…

Rockin' to the rythmn of the rain

Breck got his braces off today!!

Before After