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Got pollo?

Breck stayed home sick yesterday. He had a snotty nose and hacking cough. It is the kind of sick that has him coughing up phlegm every so often and having to spit it out. Of course, he has to let us know about it each time it happens. The colloquial term for this stuff in Honduras was pollo, which means chicken. Maybe because its chewy texture is that of nice, tenderly-cooked chicken? In any case, we liked the term and that’s what we use around the house, so we had a day full of Breck moping around and then suddenly yelling out, “Mom! I’ve got pollo!!”

Because we have a housekeeper (Stella), we felt ok leaving him at home with the TV ready to go. We figured that he’d sleep in, eat something, maybe watch a movie in the late morning. He called me at about 8:30 to let me know that he’d finished watching tv and was still waiting for Stella to arrive. Looked like it was going to be a loooong day in front of him! It all turned out ok though, as Susan left around noon (no afternoon classes today) and went home to be with him. I had soccer practice for the kids I’m helping coach after school, and report cards are due, so I had to stick around a bit to get all that done. By the time I got home, it sure seemed like Breck was feeling fine. There was still a bit of a drippy nose, but he had the lightsabers out and was pretty much flipping cartwheels in the living room. Gee, I guess that “work long hours” advice really is the way to go!

A new page to enjoy went up, too – see some pictures from our first visit downtown.

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  1. I loved the peeled watermelon! Never heard of doing that before. You will know your watermelon is not old and mushy that way! But how many hours has it been out in the sun? And was the knife clean?

    1. Serene on October 17th, 2007 at 10:20 am

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