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Back in Bombay

Dave at Week Without WallsReturned from the Week without Walls trip on Friday afternoon and got lots of hot and sweaty hugs from the kids (and mom too, although she wasn’t quite as hot and sweaty at that point). The whole week itself was far too full of stuff to detail here, but I’m sure the webpage will be up at some point (and I’ll put a link to it).

Link added Nov 2…

We went to the Jogeshwari bazaar area yesterday to look for a dining room table. The one supplied with the apartment is round, and we find ourselves tipping it over whenever someone leans against it, so we decided that we wanted to get a rectangular one. The aspect of life in India that we seem to find the most frustrating is the traffic. It took us 45 minutes each way to get out to that part of town (which really should be about 10-15 minutes with a normal road pattern). Once we got out there, we wandered around just a little, but then realized that – although it seems like a great place to have something custom made – we are not quite ready to dedicate the time required to have that done (at least not with the kids along). So we packed back up and went back into the traffic again. When we got back home, the kids played with their friends all afternoon, mom and dad ran some errands for the upcoming Halloween week, and there was peace all around.

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