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Ramona and Chuleta

The middle school drama group is putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet this week, and Alea was very excited to be able to attend a sneak preview during school. We were talking about it before the big day, and trying to explain why it was a comedy, love tale, and sad story all in one. “Romeo thought Juliet was dead, so he died of a broken heart. When she woke up and saw him dead, then she died of a broken heart too.”

Breck tried to get into the conversation as well, but those darn Italian names really threw him for a loop. Romeoa became Romano and Romanetto, which quickly coalesced into Ramona, which mom and dad thought was pretty funny. Now the latest from Bill Shakespeare, a tale of star crossed lovers fighting the rampant homophobia of medieval Italy, come and see Ramona and Juliet.

As mom was fighting off tears at the table, Breck – pretty oblivious to what he was saying and how funny we all found it – started to try to say Juliet. He made it through Julietta but stopped pretty quickly on Chuleta. Again, a great choice, since that means “pork chop,” which was Alea’s favorite food in Honduras.

So by the end of the meal, we were all laughing pretty hard imagining poor Ramona dying of a broken heart after she lost her beloved pork chop. Ramona and Chuleta – sounds like a great Mel Brooks movie.

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  1. Well, actually, if you trace all those words back far enough you will find that they all have their origins in the Greek language and that Bill Shakespear’s real name was Vasos Shakespearopoulos!

    1. Mom/Yiayia Stella and John on December 13th, 2007 at 3:26 am

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