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Sai Baba and Willie Nelson – Separated at Birth?

Sai BabaWillie Nelson

One of the fascinating aspects of life in India is Hinduism, and the continuing worship of many gods and goddesses as well as true belief in reincarnation.

Alea and I were doing some Christmas shopping when we passed a poster on the wall that made me do a double take. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – there was a religious statue with Willie Nelson on it?

As it turns out, this is a guy named Sai Baba, and he is considered (according to his article in Wikipedia) by both Muslims and Hindus to be a saint.

Baby Sai BabaCheck out this tool who is supposed to be Sai Baba’s ‘real’ reincarnation.

Does he looks ANYTHING like his predecessor? I think not. And what’s up with that hair??!!

Of course, if you have any religious questions, you can check out his web page (which includes a photograph of Jesus, a pretty amazing technological feat in anyone’s book).

Well, I don’t care what hair man or his followers say, I’m counting Willie Nelson as an Indian guru, and that’s all there is to this discussion.

If there are any doubts, check out the mini hemp leaf the original Sai Baba has on his headband! It doesn’t get any Willie Nelsoner than that…

Since we keep seeing him all over, I decided to make an entire webpage of the Sai Baba Sightings!

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  1. We wonder if Willie Nelson is aware of any of the above facts??? We’re with you in the similarities shown but the question is did that other dude do any singing???

    1. Mom/Yiayia Stella and John on December 13th, 2007 at 3:22 am

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