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Festival of Nations, Parade of Nations, and Spring Break

Stars and Stripes Stutz family!Today is the big Parade of Nations (PON), not to be confused with yesterday’s Festival of Nations (FON). As a huge international school, we make quite a big deal over celebrating the national diversity roaming our halls. Looking at the setup statistics for the events today, there are students from 51 different countries walking the halls here out of a population of around 660!

Every year, there are performances by different groups from different countries as well as a parade that everyone participates in. On this day, we all dress up in national costumes of colors – hence the Stars and Stripes Stutz family in the picture!

The performances were really great, and – while there wasn’t time to make them into descriptive webpages – you can see some of the pictures in this folder. The webpages will get worked on in a few weeks, since…

Our spring break starts this weekend, and so we are zipping right off after school. We are heading to southern India, an area called Kerala (care’-uh-luh), where we plan on doing some sightseeing, some backwater boat riding, and some beach bumming. We won’t be back until Monday night (school starts on Tuesday April 8), so don’t look for any sort of updates until well into that week. We’ll miss No Horn Day on the 7th, but I guess we can live with that!

Have a great week (and a super April Fools Day).

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