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Math Awards

Each year, the various departments give awards to kids who meet criteria as all-around achievers in their classes. I was presenting for the math department, and thought my notes for the introductory speech were cute enough to post here:

We were focusing in all the areas of performance, motivation/passion, effort and self-awareness, and leadership/cooperation.

We recognize students who not only excel in math, but demonstrate persistence in solving problems, are eager to help others in understanding mathematics, and who are enthusiastic about learning math.

Mathematicians love shortcuts and acronyms, and ours boils down to a very simple one to remember: POTATO

  • Participation – “Math is not a spectator sport;” in class and out of class,
  • Organization – responsible for all assignments, all materials, and all deadlines
  • Teamwork – Leadership and cooperation in group work
  • Attitude – Positive outlook, willingness to help (and to ask for help when needed), mindset of success “Can-do”
  • Tenacity – Perseverance, follows through on suggested activities outside of class, works hard to understand concepts, attempts and persists in solving the most challenging problems presented.
  • Open mindedness – Interest in and curiosity about applications beyond the course curriculum, asks questions about diverse math topics, solve problems in more than one way.

Our Math Spuds for this year are…

I am so creative…

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