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Chicken Lollipops!

Chicken lollipops!One of my new favoritest foods here is lollipop chicken (or chicken lollipops, depending on which particular menu you are using). They’re just like a chicken wing, except that they have the bone with just a big blob of meat at the end. None of that pesky double boned wing stuff to get in the way of the goods! They are usually made without too much spice in them – you get that from dipping them in a sauce – so they are pretty safe for anyone.

Of course the name itself is great. I love the way these names get affixed to foods. Obviously someone thought it looked like candy on a stick, and that’s all she wrote. (Another interesting one was when we were eating in Aurangabad and tried Kentucky chicken, which was nothing more than fried chicken.)

Our vegetarian friends are not as excited with the name, however, and you can imagine how disappointed Alea and Breck were when we ordered dinner last night, I told them we were having lollipops for dinner, and then they found out the truth!!

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