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Before all the hoopla happened with my knee, we’d been hitting some garage sales for summer stuff. A few years ago, our kids and the Toomer kids had a ton of fun playing Risk on the porch of our cabin. So when Susan found a Risk game at a garage sale, she was all ready to get it.

At $6, it was pretty expensive for a garage sale, but because it was still wrapped in the original unopened plastic, we figured that at least we’d be sure to have all the pieces. We offered $5 for it, and the deal was made.

We took it home, and after I hurt my knee, we decided to try it out. Breck was especially excited, and once we got all the pieces extricated from the bubble wrap they were in (all the little army pieces are actually metal instead of plastic), we got right down to playing. Lots of fun.

The other night, dinging around on the internet, I looked up “risk 40 anniversary” and saw that they were for sale at amazon.com. What a bargain!

Risk on Amazon

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  1. fun story, dave!

    1. Karla on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:14 am

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