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Leaving on a jet plane

Well, we are off after an interesting summer – and it looks like things are going to stay interesting! Our original flight was delayed out of Minneapolis, so all our plans got shifted. Instead of going through JFK, we now pass through Chicago. And instead of getting in at 10:30 pm, we are now scheduled to arrive at 2:30 am!

We obviously had to get in touch with the school to let them know about this change of plans, and had the rude awakening that we had to pay $6.95 just to get on the airport’s internet. I guess the universal WiFi in an airport only applies in Europe – here: you gotta pay, baby!!

But we also get to fly in a big ole Air India 747, which is parked outside as I type. So I figured that I could take a quick picture and post a quick entry, so here it is. Wish us luck as we head out into the evening…

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