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Happy Teachers’ Day

Today is Teachers’ Day in India, and we were all welcomed with flower garlands (mala in Hindi) and little boxes of sweets as we entered the school grounds. Alea took a fun picture of Dave and Susan before the school day started!

The date for the holiday is actually derived from the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second president of India. When he was approached for permission to celebrate his the date as a holiday, he reportedly responded that he would be more privileged if it was remembered instead as Teachers’ Day.

It has been a fun day – as the thunder rolls and rain pours outside, we have been treated to some food and drinks by the PTA as well as the occasional gift from a student. A perfect end to the work week, going into a full weekend. Breck has a sleepover planned, Alea is going swimming with a friend, and we are all going to Elephanta Island on Sunday. Fun!

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