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Susan put her foot down the other day when the kids came back from a quick trip to the local bakery. It seems that one of the neighboring apartments has a woman who rescues cats, and she has literally (ha ha) four mother cats with babies ranging between 8 days and 2 months old. Alea and Breck spent close to an hour with them, and then came home with pleadings for a pet kitty. Momma was having none of that.

So I did the next best thing. Without getting Susan’s permission As a fun surprise for Susan, I ordered an aquarium from a local aquarium shop, and had it set up last weekend. When the owner came to set it up (everything here is delivered right to your doorstep), he also brought some fish. He described one of the black mollies as “loaded,” which we soon discovered meant “pregnant.” Within 2 days we had more than 20 baby black fish (and 2 mixed colored ones as well) swimming around the tank. We took some of them out to protect them against attacks from the larger fish, but never saw any indication that we needed to worry about that.

Several of the science teachers at school have fish tanks, and one of them had baby guppies, so we arranged a ‘prisoner exchange.’ I brought in some of the black mollies and took some of the guppies, so now we have a mix of different babies swimming around. The fish do a great job of hiding in the rocks and then ascending to eat and play when we put food in.

Of course, all this fun and games is quickly coming to an end as we run up against the hard brick wall of the nitrogen cycle. We’ll have to wait to see which of our finny friends come from a deep enough end of the gene pool to survive the mistreatment of having to live in a newly-set-up-tank. We’ve started taking losses just in the past few days, and the cloud of babies that appears to get fed has thinned considerably. Oh well, we didn’t really want all those fishies anyways… 

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