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Bandra Fair

Bandra Go RoundWhat a swirling afternoon of sensory overload! Our neighborhood, called Bandra, was a historically Christian district, and there are a number of churches scattered around (to go with the Muslim mosques, Hindu temples, and various Sikh and Jain places in the suburb).

The traditional birthdate of Mary – Jesus’ mother – is September 8, and so there has long been a religious festival held here to celebrate that date.

It has apparently evolved over time into the (all caps) BANDRA FAIR, which is eversomuchmore than simply a religious get together. It is a screaming, scrambling, jam-packed frenzy of shopping, eating, and just having plain old family fun. And for a foreigner with a camera, an unforgettable people-watching experience.

We took the kids this afternoon to experience the fair in all its unvarnished glory, and we were not disappointed. We have pictures from the day as well as some descriptions of what we saw. What a super way to cash out a weekend!!

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