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A (safe and quiet) day at home

We’ve holed up today – among the residents of the apartments, there have been kid play sessions, board game marathons, movie screenings, bread baking-and-tasting exchanges, and swimming in the little pool outside. The news has been depressingly non-ending: over a hundred dead, with twice that number injured and an unknown number still being held.

Map of the event locations in Mumbai created by Uncle Rob

As I write this there are still hostages in two of the main hotels and a Jewish center. It looks like things will heat up after dark, and we can only hope that further bloodshed will be avoided. We’ve had several communications from the school, and there is apparently at least one school family that still is missing somebody in one of the hotels (the Taj, which we just visited at the start of this year).

I did make a quick trip out this morning to get some cash (it is payday for our maid, and I thought it prudent to get some extra money as well), and I was getting some ‘interesting’ looks from people. Maybe I was just being overly paranoid, but I felt like folks on the street were paying a little more attention to me than usual. Susan went out to get Diet Coke (her way of coping) this afternoon, and reported that lots of shops are closed and that she got looks as well. We are not under lockdown like the downtown area is, but you certainly know that things are not normal…

In any case, we are planning on staying home tonight, and all plans for the weekend – which included Breck and I walking a new skywalk that is in our neighborhood as well as a mini Formula 1 race along the seashore – are off. We’ll have a barbecue on the roof tonight, and swap stories with people, but things are looking pretty mellow. Oh well – I got all the grading done today that I had successfully procrastinated yesterday. Now I suppose I should do some more work on the webpage.

Thanks so much to all who sent us updates, prayers, thoughts, and wishes today. We have ‘felt the love’ and appreciate all the notes. We will continue to post info here – of course, the best adage in our situation is ‘no news is good news.’ We are safe, we are out of the strike zone (see the map above that Uncle Rob created for the family), and if boredom is our greatest threat this weekend then more power to us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all – and you can bet we’ll be mulling over our “What are you thankful for this year” choices this year.

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