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Free verse Friday – Falcon out my window

Falcon Out My Window(with apologies to John Denver)

Falcon out my window makes me happy
Falcon wakes me up with his shrill cry
Falcon eating dead rats looks so messy
Falcon almost always soars so high

If I had some food that I could give to you
I’d give to you a taste of fresh-killed prey
Maybe then you’d make a nest out here
And sing a song to keep those crows away

Yes, I know they are technically called “kites,” but I simply don’t associate that word with big, killer birds of prey.

We have a couple (whether they are male and female, we don’t know) who have taken up shop on our building and the one across the road (in the background of this photo). We hear their screeching cries to each other, but luckily they are pretty daytime-limited, so it isn’t like they wake us up at night or in the morning. This big guy (or gal) was sitting right outside our hallway window last Sunday, very patiently letting me take a few pictures before flying away.

We are still waiting for them to start a nest and hatch some babies over by us – that would be way cooler than pigeons!

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  1. very cool…I would like to see a picture of your building. WHat floor do you live on? WHat does the kitchen and living quarters look like? Is it modern? Just curious.

    1. susan on May 22nd, 2009 at 8:34 am
  2. Let’s see: we posted some pictures from when we first moved in here and here. We’ve added and painted and moved some stuff since then, and you can sort of see the background of the livingroom in our silly video here.

    Poke around through the pictures from last year and this year – I’m guessing there’ll be others from inside the building scattered throughout. And we live on the 6th floor (which is really the 7th floor, since the bottom level is called ‘ground’ and the next one up is 1st).


    2. Dave on May 22nd, 2009 at 8:53 am

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