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BillyNo – not uncle Billy, although the name sounds the same. Billy is our “apartment kitty” – a stray that has adopted us (since we feed him and all the kids in the building love to play with him).

He is a young kitty now and very playful, so he is a ton of fun to chase around when we’re outside playing. The guards seem to tolerate his presence well enough, so we’ll have to see if he is still around after our summer break. We’ve let money for our housekeeper to give him some food, so we’ll see.

Mom will not let us entertain any thoughts of letting him be an in-house cat, so of course Breck, Alea, and dad had to sneak him in the apartment one day just to take pictures of him inside!

And his name? Apparently, the common word for cat in Hindi is billi, so it was a very easy stretch for us to name him Billy!!

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