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Musings from a soggy rickshaw

On the way home from volleyball practice this morning, my rickshaw got caught in a monsoon downpour and the ride took a bit longer than usual. I had a couple of random thoughts along the way (and some from other recent rides), and just figured I could string them all together into a post:

  • We – pretty much anyone who reads this – have life so good and take so much for granted. At an intersection, a girl came up begging, and when I gave her a half-full bottle of water, you would’ve thought she’d just won a grand prize. I suppose the combination of getting clean water to drink plus a bottle to add to the recycling collection was really noteworthy for her. Think about how much a half-liter bottle of water (that someone else has already drunk from) would mean to you…
  • It is funny to see what we spend our money on. A rickshaw in front of us had a brand new good-luck charm hanging from its rear bumper. Many vehicles buy these charms every week: they are nothing more than a string with some green peppers, a yellow lime, and a tiny chink of coal. I wonder what I spend my heard-earned wages on that makes other people shake their heads.
  • People sure seem to spit a lot here. I bet diseases like swine flu and tuberculosis wouldn’t spread so fast if that wasn’t the case.
  • Traffic doesn’t rely much on rules and policemen. When there are big jams, the most effective way to break them up (after everyone has honked for about 10 minutes and gotten no where) is to have private citizens get out of the cars and direct the traffic.
  • Rickshaw and taxi drivers use water from backed up sewers to wash their cars. On the same note, big trucks that have hauled manure are much more olfactorally potent when you are sitting next to them in a windowless vehicle.
  • Dogs that wear raincoats during monsoon usually are better fed and cared for than are the people walking them.
  • Sleeping on the streets usually involves lots of plastic during the monsoon.

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