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Mount Merry

Mount Merry(insert inappropriate pun here)

Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, you can enjoy the picture I saw the other say heading home. The neighborhood basilica, built on a hill, is called “Mount Mary” – which is actually an even funnier combination I suppose.

But in any case, this new sign built near our new wonder-bridge is supposed to be pointing us to the Mount Mary basilica (where, incidentally, the Bandra Fair noted in the previous post took place).

Whatever, it made me chuckle…

I’m not going to go into all of the theological implications of how this might impact the story of the virgin birth or anything like that – I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Instead, I’ll end this post with a little joke my dad(!) used to tell:

Why did Popeye want to beat up the Pope?

Because he heard he went to mount Olive.

(and unless you know anything about this and this and recognize the double entendre, the joke will not be funny at all – and it isn’t that funny to begin with anyways…)

Double entendre

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