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Free verse Friday – Happy Birthday, Gandhi!

So we’ll give free verse Friday another shot: no promises on how consistent I’ll be, but since we have a day off from work I’ll take advantage of it!

Gandhi WallHappy Birthday, Gandhi
I’d never heard the date
But over here in Bombay
There’s no school and that’s great.
We’ll go see famous buildings
And sightsee all around
And take our full advantage
Of a day out on the town.
Your face is on the money
And painted on our wall
Gandhi MoneyYou pushed the British out of here
And helped their reign to fall.
The only thing that bothers me
Is that no beer is sold
Because you were an abstainer
The wine shops all are closed.
So happy birthday Gandhi
From all of us to you
And now we’ll all remember
The date: October two!

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