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Down from the mountain tops

Himalaya FamilyAfter 2 weeks off – 1 for the school’s Week Without Walls trip and 1 for our Diwali holiday – we are back in Mumbai and raring to go. Of course, since it is now report card writing and parent teacher conferencing season, there are no guarantees as to the number of immediate updates, but at least we have access to the internet again!

(and might I throw in that I was pleased to note my fantasy football team eeked out another win, even without my managerial help, to pull their record to 4-2. Go Stutz Slumdawgs!)

For a quick rundown of our family vacation, I’ll just cut and paste an email Susan sent, along with a picture of us in the mighty Himalayas. I’m sure there’ll be more – but you’ve gotta be patient, like a Tibetan monk (of whom we saw plenty)!

We are back safe and sound and busy doing laundry and unpacking.  We had a wonderful time in the mountains.  We had two hard good days of hiking – one up a waterfall and one up to the tree line on the Dhauladhar Range.  We also spent a day with a guide who took us to all the Save Tibet museums and preservation/education centers. So interesting…

We spent another two days with easier walks around the area and local sight-seeing. The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile is in McLeod Ganj, so we learned a lot about the Chinese occupation of Tibet.  I’m sure you remember the fuss about all that during the Olympics.  I guess the Dalai Lama just met with Obama??

We had an earthquake in the mountains!!!  It was at night and our bed shifted a full four inches and settled back – my first one!  We’ll get some pictures and video up soon.  Off and running – Hugs to all.

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