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ASB Unplugged 2010

Our honkin’ huge ASB Unplugged conference finished this evening, and we are ready to take a deep breath and relax. Things wrapped up after a nutso period of preparation and a crazy few days of people in and out and about and around and under and over and between and beyond and every other preposition your 7th grade teacher made you memorize. The number I heard this afternoon was that we had over 300 people from 64 countries visiting; I suppose you could peg it as a pretty darn successful event.

Susan and I presented a workshop about creating and posting videos online which was well received, we both opened up our classrooms to visitors to come in and interact with the kids,we each hosted a job alike for our respective fields,  and we both set up “student showcases” involving them demonstrating and explaining the tech that we use on a daily basis (Alea was part of the demonstration crew for DyKnow), so I’d say the Stutz family was pretty darn well represented!

Add in social events on each night of the conference and a full few days of (usually) inspiring workshops, and we are wiped out. Luckily, Monday is the holiday of Holi, so we end up having 2 days off anyways. Playdates for the kids tomorrow and colored water the next day: prime elements of a rock and roll weekend!

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