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Breck’s Space Exhibition

Breck presenting at his 5th grade exhibitionThe 5th grade wraps up its year (and the students’ tenure in elementary school) by holding an exhibition of inquiry. The theme this year was “Discoveries,” and different teams of kids worked together to examine and present their answers to some of the Big Questions about their topics.

Other groups looked at ideas related to communications, transportation, and technology, but Breck’s group – influenced in no small manner by him – focused on the impact that space exploration has had on disparate fields of study.

Holding court in front of a series of computers, lego models, and poster boards, Breck and his group walked us through the history of space exploration, discoveries that were made in the course of preparing for and making those journeys, and hopes for future discoveries. He had so much information and zest for his topic: one adult there chided him (in a kidding manner) to “stop being so enthusiastic about the topic!” His interest and hard work was evident to all, and we really had a great evening enjoying his lessons.

Of course, the thing that most people took great note of was the free “Space Juice” they offered – plenty of ice cold Tang in cups bearing space facts (that he and mom had laboriously typed up, printed, cut out, and hand glued on each of 500 cups!!)

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  1. Holy hard work, Breck. Great job! Can I interest you in some space ice cream at the Air and Space Museum when you are here?

    1. Uncle Rob on May 22nd, 2010 at 10:05 am

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