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Court cases, riots, text messages, and beer

Today is an expected high court decision on the ownership of a piece of land sacred to both the Hindus and Muslims. Short version: the site is believed by Hindus to be the birthplace of Ram, a major god, but a Muslim mosque was built there in 1527. There have been court petitions filed since 1885 over the ownership, and riots there in 1992 resulted in the mosque being destroyed and more than 2,000 people being killed.

Because of the potential for riots and trouble when the decision on who owns the land is announced today at 3:30, we are actually getting out of school early so we can all hunker down and be safe. Since this is a 3-day weekend (due to Gandhi’s birthday October 2), it actually means we can get an early start to grilling on the rooftop!

But there is even more fallout from the event. Here’s a little email I received this morning from one of the airlines we’ve used here in India:

Dear Mr. Stutz,

Thank you for your continous patronage. This is to inform you that Government of India has issued a directive to all service providers to block SMS and MMS service in the country till 30th September 2010. Any messaging service for flight delay or cancellation, PNR details etc may remain blocked till 30th September 2010. We shall update you on the subject from time to time.

WOW! Talk about government control of things. Apparently they are so worried about the potential for violence, all text messaging in the country will be blocked for the day! Unbelievable – can you imagine the US government shutting down all SMS’s in the nation?

But even worse, in my opinion, is that the government went even further and declared the next 3 days dry days! Oh, the humanity!

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