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Christmas Eve

Buddha hanging out in the Christmas treeYes, yes, it is technically about a week early, but who really knows what went on in that Judaen manger so many years ago? I’m sure the birthers are demanding a notarized birth certificate, but I’m going to cut JC some slack and claim that celebrating a few days ahead of time is perfectly ok.

We are off to Oman tomorrow for our winter break, and we figured that Santa needed to be able to hook up with us before we took off, so we set the table and got everything all ready for him. Breck and Alea put out cookies and beer, just the sort of thing to encourage him to leave lots of gifts! Unfortunately Mrs. Claus has really not been feeling well the past few days, so that put a bit of a damper on things.

As I was waiting for Kris to show up, I thought I’d take a few artsy fartsy Christmas tree light pictures, and they turned out pretty cool. The thing I found worked well was not to take the pictures of the lights themselves, but rather of their reflection in the window behind the tree.

In any case, I like them, and one of these is now my desktop wallpaper!

Christmas tree lights Christmas tree lights

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