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Wicket War!

India's crazy sportsmenSo India is cricket crazy – no surprise there. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the International Cricket Cup is going on right now – the World Cup (or Super Bowl, if you prefer) of international cricket. The tournament is being hosted by India, and for the last month or so the airwaves have been dominated by news of the games.

Right now I am watching the New Zealand team play Sri Lanka in the semifinal, and looking pretty shoddy at it. They just finished all out for 217 (which is ok, but probably not enough to win the game. Don’t understand? Don’t worry).

I do have to say that I was rooting for the Kiwis, since I work and coach with one here. She even made me wear a black shirt today, since all the New Zealand national teams have black as their main color and part of their name. According to her, the most famous is the rugby team – the All Blacks, but others include the basketball team – the Tall Blacks, the cricket team – the Black Caps, the (field) hockey team – the Black Sticks, and of course the infamous badminton team – the Black Cocks.


Since we don’t have a tv connection (we only use it to watch movies or play Wii), normally we’d be out of luck. But ESPN has taken a chance on streaming all the games live, and apparently been rewarded quite handsomely for it. So if you are dinging around online, check out http://www.espnstar.com/cwclive/index.html (and don’t worry – the games are 8 hours long, so your chances are pretty good to catch one, regardless of the time zone in which you live!).

Getting back to the matter of cricket mania, tomorrow is the other semifinal game – between India and Pakistan. Nuclear threat aside, these are two of the most cricket mad countries in the world, and the match is expected to be outstanding. How outstanding? Outstanding enough that our school is shutting down during the last block of the day, in time to project the game on the gym wall and provide snacks, food, and supper for “maintenance, guards, cleaners, teachers and students!”

I’ve heard of snow days, but this is the first cricket day in my teaching history. Goooo India!!!!


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