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Packing out

Movers in black and whiteToday is the true beginning of the end. Susan spent the day at home, overseeing the first part of our moving process. We’d arranged for the house to be cleared out today – and this was the first time she’d ever had to give up some packing autonomy to other people! Of course, I think the real reason she stayed home was to make sure that some of my things ‘somehow or another’ didn’t make it into the shipping container, but I might just be paranoid…

The amusing part about all this is the fact that we’d been told that today was the day, and everything would be out. Last night, however, we received a phone call about our “packing out procedure” which would be on Friday and Saturday. Today, however, this timeline has apparently been extended even further, with the ‘boss man’ saying they could be here through Sunday. Looks like our weekend plans are all set!

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  1. Good luck with AGS! Hopefully the ride will be smoother for you!

    1. Jacques on May 27th, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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